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I refuse to call it a failure


I refuse to call it a failure

tricialew replied to your post “katiepenny replied to your post “I just signed for a registered letter…”

If this is true, the UPS guy and I are going steady. And the amount of time I spend with the Fedex woman might constitute cheating on the UPS guy.

jeeze. I’m happy for you and all but I don’t know why you have to go bragging about all your successful relationships. Plus, if you are open and honest and everyone is in agreement, it’s not cheating.


palmtreepalmtree replied to your post “do you want eggs? do you want a grilled cheese? do you want fried…”

Yes, yes, and yes. Or, “Why I Have High Cholesterol.”

I think if I was around other people I’d offer a wider variety of things. I really want a salad but I’m gross from the attic and I need to go back up there before I take a shower so I didn’t feel like prepping vegetables. if that makes any sense at all. plus I was thinking about how I always offer food when I’m making it ~and how no one ever grills ME a cheese~ pfft. but mostly I like to grill my own cheeses so that might have a lot to do with it. 

PTPT, do you want a mixed greens salad with roasted potatoes later?

[edit: I also like to have full control of my eggs but, I think I have to become a corporation for those rights? Am I understanding that correctly?]

do you want eggs?

do you want a grilled cheese?

do you want fried potatoes?

things I offer pretty much everyday

meeting with the roofer

roofer: the contractor said the house was going to be on the news or something?

me: This house?!?

roofer: yes?

me:  ugh. I think it might be to encourage the neighborhood to take advantage of a 0 interest loan program or something. I honestly don’t know what’s going on with that.

This week I was going to work in the attic (and have been) a lot. But now I have to go build a tarp dream fort to protect things from the roofer debris  that will rain down tomorrow. And he’s off to gather supplies for a plywood dream fort to protect the plants. So DREAMY. Much forting.

Let’s look at my lazy susan serving piece.

I think I have three punch bowls. I don’t know if I’ve ever served punch in any of them but they are pretty great for holding my art supplies.

katiepenny replied to your post “I just signed for a registered letter for my dead uncle. the postal…”

IDK for sure but I think that counts as a date?

it’s the most action I’ve had in a long time, that’s for sure.


Two days in a car and my Grand Uncle, Grand Aunt, cousin and myself made it to Cape Breton.


womaninterrupted replied to your photoset “I think I must have over 30 mugs. That seems like too many. Some of…”

Those are so nice. Ugh. I’m the worst. I want you to keep everything. Want to send a random box here for storage? Want to move in?

I really like my stuff a lot. You being supportive of my stuff is one of the many reasons I appreciate you, thanks Cat! also, I’m keeping almost everything in that pic. probably. I’m also keeping the Yellowstone plates. for now.