The Honey Pot



Because, in every possible way, she was the best friend a lonely, skinny spaceman with great hair and a god complex could ask for. She called him on his shit, kept him grounded, and helped him bear the weight of the world. And, as we see so clearly here, she knew when he was hurting too. The first time she met him, she had every right to be self-absorbed and shrieky given that she had been kidnapped from the altar on her wedding day… but she realised, very quickly, just how much the loss of Rose was eating away at him. And as she travelled with him, she helped him deal with the loss of Jenny, and now, with the loss of River as well. Because she figured out that he could - and did - talk all the time without saying anything. And so, whenever she could, she let him know that she was there for him, that she understood, that he wasn’t alone. That he could be a little less together, a little more frayed around the edges, when he was with her.

In the whole wide world, and across all of time and space, she met him twice. She found him - again - and for those brief, shining moments when she shared his TARDIS, she was his friend. His best mate. His equal. No strings attached, no demands on him emotionally. Just someone to laugh with, someone who took care of him, and someone who made travelling the universe a less lonely, bleak prospect. 

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