The Honey Pot

One of my Uncles (UncleDucey) and I have birthdays that are a day apart. When I was very little we would share a cake. This one had bunnies and chicks. My mom wasn’t exactly catering to her big brother’s interests EVER but, I am into bunnies and he is into chicks- so, well done mom.

a conversation from a decade ago, maybe:

AuntAbides: I…can’t remember the date of your birthday…I’m sorry.

me: It’s the 23rd, no one ever remembers, it’s okay.

AuntAbides: I know yours is first! Your mom drove that message home when you were a baby.


AuntAbides: I could never remember if your birthday was first or UncleDucey’s 

me: yeah, everyone gets that confused.

AuntAbides: And apparently she was tired of my sh*t, so she yelled:


me: hahahaha. Wow…Mom has always been one of my fiercest advocates…wow.

  1. eebees said: OHMYGAWD ARE YOU APRECIOUSMOMENTSDOLL??? Well. Are you? Because if you say no I am not going to believe you.
  2. songbirdstew said: You need that embroidered on a banner on your wall. Also, you and UncleDucey have the same haircut here. Do you still?
  3. tricialew said: You should be first at everything! Also, how adorable were you!!!?
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