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The Day I Feared - Claire Salcedo

Hey look, it’s trock! Or more accurately, tolk! (Timelord folk. I bet you never thought you’d hear that.) Inspired by the fourth season episodes “Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead.” This is by no means a perfect recording, but I’ve started to realize that if I wait for wait I deem “acceptably perfect,” I won’t ever put anything up at all.

The day I have long feared has at long last appeared

You look and see straight through me, like I’m not here

Oh I’d move heaven and earth, and throw the mountains into the sea

If only I could get you to remember me


A thousand white towers sang the last time you spoke to me

But now silence will be all I hear, and darkness all I see

Never thought the last time I’d look in your eyes

Would be the first you’d look in mine, oh love, goodbye.


You impossible man,

You’ve yet to understand

This is not the end

You’ll see my face again

You and me, all of time and space,

You watch us run,

Just you watch us run.

I began writing the lyrics of this song a few weeks after I watched those two episodes. The number of beautiful lines and utterances (and oh God, poor Donna!) in that episode begged for a song. Technically I’ve been sitting on this song for a while, so I really hope you lovely people out there enjoy it!

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  10. brensandoval said: Oh, cool, Claire. Make me cry, out of the blue. This is gorgeous as per usual. And heartbreaking. Aghhghghgaljglkdsajgroaj.
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    oh my goodness this is incredible~
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    I flailed so hard just now. THIS IS INSANELY BRILLIANT! Wonderfully gorgeous. Claire, you are AMAZING!
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