The Honey Pot

I knew you two wouldn’t mind sharing a post.

Jules, thank you for sending a postcard of a snow covered Mountain in the mythical land of Oregon!

Erin, I meant to post a picture of the amazing birthday package you sent, many many days ago but, when I went to upload the picture I realized that I hadn’t captured the very important words “Plain and Fancy ways with Eggs”. ( I have very high blogging standards…or something) so, it took me awhile to remember to set up another photo shoot. Unicorns and Fancy and Ron Swanson!

You never have to send me stuff. Thank you for the stuff, I love it! I don’t know how you both fit so much magic in envelope and postcard form <3

  1. crumpeteatingwoofter said: My god, Tumblr is the GREATEST blr!
  2. glitterbubbles said: I share with Erin. shush Erin, YOU KNOW I SHARE WITH YOU. just, not boys. hahahaha xoxoxoxoxo
  3. eebees said: Oh my goodness what have you done JULES DOESN’T SHARE! Quick! Post some of her harem!
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