The Honey Pot

This is a series of conversations with my cousins from last summer (9.2011 ish) and I just got around to doing the last two drawings today. We are all adults. One of the points of this, beyond that it makes me laugh, is that a big reason that I’m on the internet is so I can worship Unicorns and Tom Hardy freely.

me: Tom Hardy is My Boy

PrincessCousin: NO HE IS NOT!

me: ha. I know. I was just checking to see if you were paying attention, because you almost never are.

~weeks later~

me: Tom Hardy is our boy.

CousinManlius: Yep!

PrincessCousin: No!

me: oh come on, what are you even going to do with him?

PrincessCousin: (crestfallen)

me: remember when I broke your spirit, just now?

PrincessCousin: yes.


me: what about a trade? (I offer up some names)

PrincessCousin: No, I don’t think there is anyone.

me: Ok, I was going to be civilized. Now, WE FIGHT! ~Bronson Style!~

PrincessCousin: What are you going to do? Grease yourself up?

me: I will bring a librarian in here!

(we all laugh)

CousinManlius: (turns to his little sister) We will f*cking roll you.


me: (pitifully, desperately) Tom Hardy is my boy?

PrincessCousin: No.

me: *sigh* fine. I’m okay with whatever I am currently doing with him.

PrincessCousin: I can live with that.

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