The Honey Pot
me: are you here for a bit? I just need to run a few errands.
AuntMurble: Yeah, go ahead, I am in for the night.
(I'm looking at the groceries she just brought in.)
me: maybe I should put those groceries away before I go...
AuntMurble: No, you can go. I'll put them away, and you can put them away,
the right way, when you get back.
Please allow me to introduce my phone-
Cat Karl Pigwidgeon Fancy McRingDingle the Luckphone of the SpaceDragons.
  1. ladyofthehouse said: Love this. [Insert ugly snicker here]
  2. glitterbubbles said: hahahaha this is adorably frustrating. xoxoxoxoxo
  3. jennhoney posted this
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