The Honey Pot


I’ve queued up a lot of coffee and teacups today because of the mandate, but I thought I should show some coffee in my cup today, as well as our first truly Fallish breakfast, steel-cut oats sweetened with brown sugar. Vasant loves pecans and cranberries in his, I like honeycrisp apples and cinnamon in mine.

The best part is Lilo peeking over the table at the breakfast, wondering which bowl is hers. 

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  2. eebees said: I mean breakfast is great and all but LILO! Just kidding. I love this. I had my first bowl of autumn oatmeal yesterday!
  3. jennhoney said: I just love everything about this. and let’s go to Tricia’s yard for pecans. Lilo wants me to ask where her bowl is because she is still unclear <3
  4. tricialew said: I love pretty food that tastes good. I love Lilo. I only just like pecans and my back yard is getting quite full of them. I could ship cases of them to you.
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