The Honey Pot

I had a good birthday. I think. I’m so tired I actually have no idea. It was mostly preparing to leave town and dog maintenance but I had a nice meal and cupcakes and I have fancy beer and champagne that I was too tired to drink which just means I get to enjoy it later in the week.  it might just be a weird birthday but I got out of town and that was like THE goal. so, ok!

I asked my dad if he would get a wireless router for his house as my birthday present and I just set it up.

I’m just going to go for walks and read and watch stuff and soak up WiFi.

first sleep

well, I might catch up on tumblr a bit before I pass out and I’m totally going to have one of those fancy beers.

I hope your weekend is wonderful, tumblroos <3

  1. thewidowwinchester said: Happy belated birthday!
  2. raelee said: Happy Birthday! Love you!
  3. clairesalcedo said: you deserve all the fancy beers and wifi. I think you are absolutely splendid. YOU BEAUTY!
  4. songbirdstew said: Fancy beers are the best present for February birthdays. HERPY BERTHDERR
  5. theasil said: Happy Birthday!!!
  6. womaninterrupted said: Happy birthday!
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