The Honey Pot
"I have long believed that it is only right and appropriate that before one sleeps with someone, one should be able—if called upon to do so—to make them a proper omelet in the morning. Surely that kind of civility and selflessness would be both good manners and good for the world. Perhaps omelet skills should be learned at the same time you learn to fuck. Perhaps there should be an unspoken agreement that in the event of loss of virginity, the more experienced of the partners should, afterward, make the other an omelet—passing along the skill at an important and presumably memorable moment."

Anthony Bourdain, from Medium Raw.

Just when I’m getting frustrated with him, he goes into these bursts of brilliance.

I couldn’t agree more (on both counts).

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I can’t ignore a quote about eggs and sex from Anthony Bourdain but, I think omelet making skills should be learned, at the latest, by Middle School. I definitely think it would be a good idea to choose sexual partners based on omelet making abilities, an application process, to see if one can handle the fire. So, get in that kitchen and start practicing.  

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