The Honey Pot


So, discussing this picture of Lilo perching on Vasant’s shoulder, Jennifer said:

Jennifer: yeah the puppy parrot solution was pretty smart of her though! probably not great for V’s POSTURE

Sarah: He thinks it’s worth it. It’s too cool to have a puppy parrot.

Jennifer: Pirates would be even cooler, V’s gonna be a pirate trendsetter!

Sarah: Well, cause your dog could attack your enemies better than a parrot could. That would be amazing. It’s too bad we don’t live in pirate age or we could market that…

Jennifer: Flying puppies would be the ultimate. Flying fire breathing puppies. I’m spinning out of orbit.

Sarah: You are not. You are most definitely on the right track.


Sarah: I like how, to solve spinning out of orbit, you propose we veer off in another direction. WE’RE GOING TO GET LOST!

But being lost in weird conversations with friends is the best thing ever, so I don’t mind!

I wish I had said BOOZE AND BOOTY