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Worst decision they ever made: cutting this out of the film. People would’ve looked so differently towards Loki if they had kept this in the film. This is where the whole ‘I never wanted the throne, I just wanted to be your equal’-thing comes from. Loki was telling the truth.

I think the main reason a lot of these Loki scenes were cut is that he was being portrayed as a little too sympathetic. Yes, Loki’s entire angle is that he’s a sympathetic villain, but he is still the villain - he’s already pulled a trick that resulted in the deaths of two Asgardian guards, after all. By the end of the movie he’s trying to kill his brother and commit genocide, so there has to be some buildup to that. Loki in the deleted scenes was played with a cheerful smile and seemingly heartfelt emotion, which doesn’t quite fit. He’s more effective when you don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not - maybe he doesn’t want the throne, but he sure as hell takes it. And in this case, keep in mind that he could be acting for Frigga and Odin, the only two people he seems to really want to impress.

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