The Honey Pot

ohgod. in which I just thought waaay too much about my Hogwarts sorting last night and almost started crying.

(you probably shouldn’t read this if you haven’t been sorted but are planning on it.)

One of the questions was about what you want people to do after you are dead. There were three options that I was torn between, the top two were:

  • to ask for more stories of your adventures

and I’m pretty hungry for some more adventures, I almost just clicked it- BECAUSE ADVENTURE. But, when I thought about it more, this felt like a fame thing, this felt like someone that never knew me and I just don’t care about that. I do think our stories can reach people, that we will never know, to inspire or entertain or heal, and that’s important.but the other one

  • to miss you but, to smile.

and I’ve seen people turn on each other and become bitches of grief. I’ve seen people be destroyed by loss. I couldn’t help but think if people that I loved could miss me but smile, that I had gotten it right while I was around. And I just want to get this right. What do I care if people I never will know are listening to my stories? I’m dead. Go make your own stories.

I also never want to be gone, ever.

So, I’m gonna go split my soul into another tumblr.