The Honey Pot

yesterday Jules posted an old chat that started because of this post:

The 5th to last GIF in your folder is your reaction to you seeing your favorite celebrity laying on your bed naked.

she cut out the part when we discussed Gilmore Girls, because we do go on and on, and our scenario planning of what to do when one finds nude celebrity crushes in one’s bed, is always going to be MORE IMPORTANT and also hilarious. but bUTT I had forgotten how the Gilmore Girls Rory/Jess/Logan discussion had ended…

Jules: hahahahahaha, your gif response omg
me: it might be accurate too…I mean after we got past the preliminary, what the hell are you doing in my bed stuff? just like there would be follow up questions to the apocalypse line- so, if the world isn’t ending, you don’t want to have sex with me? because, I take issue with that.
Jules: hahahaha, I don’t know how I would actually respond if I found one or more of my Harem in my bed, but I probably would tell them I love them, and then run away.
me: saying I love you and running away is a pretty good move
didn’t work for Jess though
maybe I love you and STAY
that is my suggestion
Jules: yes, in my version of post-show Gilmore Girls, Jess and Rory end up being brilliant together.
me: well sure, every sane person has that post show version
still Jess running was his worst move
no maybe running was ok, the no communication after the running was the problem
Jules: yeah, that wasn’t a great move. although they both needed to get to different places in order to be good for each other.
me: Logan was nothing but fun and destructive trouble
Jules: YES
me: not even very fun trouble

Jules: no, just a lot of drama and trouble.
me: Jess was the right kind of fun trouble. because ultimately he would always do what he thought was best for Rory, Logan will never know how to do that
Jules: YES, I agree entirely.
this conversation also makes me worry far less about your creepy fictional mancrush choices.