The Honey Pot


Hello, and welcome to another installment of ‘How To Woo A Man,’ a recurring segment in which the ladies of Masterpiece Theatre teach us the ways of catching a mate in 3 simple steps.

How’s it going followers? Find any hunky Hughs after last week’s post? Maybe we were too demure? Well have no fear because Mary crawford is here to teach us the ways of luring a man without the slightest bit of demure subtleties. Enjoy.

Male Target?

Alright. Let’s begin..

Step 1. Shake Dat Ankle…

When in a crowded room, give him a taste of hot stocking ankle action. Yum.

Step 2. Learn How to play the harp without having to actually LOOK at the harp. This way you can make a variety of googly eyes at your male target…

Brooding Harp Playing


Happy Harp Playing. Ahhhh.

Step 3. Never underestimate the power of a low-cut top.

That last one just looks like it hurts. 

Huzzah! I’m buying hot pink wool stockings tonight and will stick my leg out to any worthy man who walks past my fainting couch. Until next week, doves. xo.

these posts bring me great joy. Crawford Pro Tip: DAT ANKLE.