The Honey Pot
Me: Hi, sorry, it me again. I know I just confirmed my flight, but you mentioned something about it being a 2x2 right before you hung up?
Travel Person: Oh, yes. That plane is a 2x2 seater.
Me: Is there any way I could change my flight to a plane bigger than that? It's just that, and it's silly, but, I'm actually pretty terrified of flying and I know the smaller planes feel more turbulence.
Travel Person: Don't worry, I'm the same way! That's why I mumbled a little about the 2x2. Yeah, you can change your flight. Let me see what your options are...hmm, I'm afraid it looks like the biggest plane available that day is only a 3x2 seater.
Me: What model is the plane?
Travel Person: MD80
Me: K....well, if it's bigger, I guess I'll take that.
Travel Person: Alrighty, we have you all booked!
Me: Thank you so much! What was your name again?
Travel Person: Fate.
Me: I'm sorry, did you say Fate? F-a-t-e?
Travel Person: Yes.
Me: Is that really your name?
Travel Person: Yes.
Me: ..ok. Well, thanks Fate.