The Honey Pot

I think this is from that movie I fast forwarded through. It has two names, I’m guessing, to confuse viewers into watching it? This isn’t Tom Hardy’s fault, he’s only in it for about 2 minutes, and there it is right up there. Two characters that I didn’t care about were about to have sex so I went to fold some laundry. and when I walked back into the room I started fast forwarding.

Why aren’t you done yet?

Stop being sensual, Antonio Banderas.

What have you done with Tom Hardy? Is he ever coming back?

and so we don’t forget, then there is a flashback sequence of the flirt/sex scenes while the main character explores his feelings for his lady friend OR IS SHE A FOE?

get it together man. don’t you have some crime to do or some mystery to solve?

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