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Claire Salcedo - One More Sleep Till Christmas (cover)

My family and I LOVE The Muppet Christmas Carol. I would do a cover of nearly every song in the movie, if I could find the tabs for them. This is just a simple version of ‘One More Sleep Till Christmas.’

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In the Dust

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Naomi Wachira - You Better

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Down to the Sea -

Obligatory daily album posting! One of ten songs, and the purchase of which can help me afford college! Wheee! 

And I must say to all you lovely people, who’ve bought this, reblogged it, shared it with others—you are so fantastic I don’t even know what to do with myself. I just kinda stare slack-jawed at my computer screen for a moment, and then begin flailing about my room like a crazy person.

I went down to the sea,
and waited at the waves
picked up the broken glass at my feet
and thought of things to say.

I’m not so great with words
‘specially when it’s important
so I’ll just sing to the empty sea
and pray that the words will come to me…


If you just click this, it’ll give you a player for the entire of album!




life, love, and death - Claire Salcedo

Hey look! Now that finals are done, I actually had time to write something! I hope you like this—it was rather a short make—I started it Saturday afternoon and finished it last night.

The lyrics come from a dream I had once, in which I was going to pass away in the morning, and death came and sat by me, and told me to speak my regrets. When I woke up, fairly shaken, I wrote about it, and it eventually evolved into this. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with it, but for 2:41 am (the time of my writing this little blurb), it’s good enough! 

Sarah told me that this wasn’t showing up on her dash, so I’m reblogging it again for easy finding!

Yay for easy-finding! 

Hooray for The Claire’s musical genius!

UGH! it wasn’t showing up for me either, I thought I was, alone, lost in the dash again.


The Day I Feared - Claire Salcedo

Hey look, it’s trock! Or more accurately, tolk! (Timelord folk. I bet you never thought you’d hear that.) Inspired by the fourth season episodes “Silence in the Library” & “Forest of the Dead.” This is by no means a perfect recording, but I’ve started to realize that if I wait for wait I deem “acceptably perfect,” I won’t ever put anything up at all.

The day I have long feared has at long last appeared

You look and see straight through me, like I’m not here

Oh I’d move heaven and earth, and throw the mountains into the sea

If only I could get you to remember me


A thousand white towers sang the last time you spoke to me

But now silence will be all I hear, and darkness all I see

Never thought the last time I’d look in your eyes

Would be the first you’d look in mine, oh love, goodbye.


You impossible man,

You’ve yet to understand

This is not the end

You’ll see my face again

You and me, all of time and space,

You watch us run,

Just you watch us run.

I began writing the lyrics of this song a few weeks after I watched those two episodes. The number of beautiful lines and utterances (and oh God, poor Donna!) in that episode begged for a song. Technically I’ve been sitting on this song for a while, so I really hope you lovely people out there enjoy it!


Meadowlarks -

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Don’t Fence Me In - 


Carry On My Wayward Son -

It’s been a long day. I don’t really have a clever caption to add.


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The Rainbow Connection

I love you guys, your hugs, faces, support, kindness, and just everything.

So now, this is for you too.

EDIT: the photo is completely unrelated, but I forgot to share the fact that I made TARDIS and Dalek sugar cookies.