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Joel McHale, even though I have yet to watch my copy of Children of Men.  And I think Blade Runner is overrated.  But he has two of my favorite comedies (Strangelove and Holy Grail).  But the kicker is Ikiru.  My love for that movie has no limits.

Apparently mine is Megan Fox which makes me want to throw up.

Seth Rogen said Ghostbusters twice. James McAvoy said The Goonies and Back to the Future. This means I get them both, right?

Kermit and Miss Piggy had Deliverance on their list.


I don’t think I have a movie soul mate…or maybe a soul. ha. I just know James McAvoy said The Goonies and well, that counts for a lot.

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"As an actor, you can do weight loss, weight gain, put on silly noses, crazy accents, move like a dragon, inviting people to look at the fireworks and admire how different you’re being. But with acting like that, it’s all about look-at-me, when what you should be doing is helping the audience care about the person they’re watching."
— Benedict Cumberbatch - Radio Times Interview  (via painisinthemind)

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