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this seems important

this seems important

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Welcome to the Parks and Recreation Google Talk. It’s going to last about an hour…

And then a Google Walk of Shame

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AmyYou know, Adam likes to drive barefoot. And he’s from Santa Cruz, so he’s a lot less tightly wound, I think, than Ben is.
AdamBro, listen…If you’re wearing flip flops and you’re driving a car, it’s unsafe to keep the flip flops on, right?
Amy: No…(audience claps) Okay, okay. But why do you think it’s okay to drive barefoot?
Adam: How do you think people drove before there were shoes?

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Adam Scott and Rashida Jones encourage you to be the first to vote in Iowa.

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@iamrashidajones: Me and @mradamscott taking in the personal stories of Iowa’s citizens…moving stuff. #ParksAndReelection

: Me and taking in the personal stories of Iowa’s citizens…moving stuff.

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"When I tell Amy Poehler that her Parks and Recreation co-star Adam Scott is taking me to his storage unit in an ­isolated industrial complex down by the L.A. River, she is delighted: “Ha! That sounds like the last few hours of your life before he kills you.” She also says that when Scott invites people to see his “storage unit,” he usually takes them around the corner and pulls his pants down."
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"The crazy thing about [Adam Scott] is that he gets huge laughs just saying things. We don’t really write jokes for his character, per se. He just says things, and they’re funny. Again, I could probably spend the rest of this Walkthrough just praising the actors, but he’s the funniest straight man in the world to me. I don’t think there’s anyone who has his role on the show—a sane, normal-person role—who gets more comedy out of that role. We’re always sort of in awe at our readthroughs when he just says things out loud, and he gets huge laughs. Earlier in the episode, we come back to them having lunch, and Joan is saying that she was once walking through the mall, and Val Kilmer told her she should become a model. Adam’s line was simply, “That never happened.” When he said it during the readthrough—I remember it very clearly—it was the biggest laugh. He’s literally just saying something out loud. That’s not a joke, really. He’s just naming the scenario, and somehow he manages to get a tremendous amount of comedy out of that. It’s a writer’s dream: You can just write normal sentences and have the actor turn them into jokes."
— Michael Schur (x)

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Sexy Yelling: Or, Characters Caring Loudly Whilst Wanting to Rip Off Each Other’s Clothes

there’s something here for nearly everyone. Well done, Jessica!

bottom row…

interesting, if we HAVE TO call a row. middle row. all the way.

"In the past few months we’ve seen our title sequence redone by The Simpsons, seen Mr. Garrison [on South Park] give a lecture on Westerosi politics, heard Adam Scott reference the show in Parks and Recreation, and been parodied on SNL,” Benioff says. “We got a big kick out of each (particularly Adam Scott because he’s so dreamy).” “Super dreamy,” added Weiss. “Do you think he would do an explicit and expository sex scene on our show?” “He said he would if he could wear a Band of Outsiders sweater vest,” Benioff said. “And nothing else.” Weiss: “We need more guy junk on the show. Fair and balanced."
— Game of Thrones show runners Dan Weiss and David Benioff on the media attention the sex scenes got this season. (via ohlittlerachel)

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