The Honey Pot

Sarah and I do this thing where we rate our individual days on the butt scale

here’s how it went today:

Sarah: creatively a 9. Physically, a 2. Sooo, a 6? A groggy bear butt?

Me: Sure, coming out of hibernation too early will do that to a bear butt!

Sarah: Butt math is fuzzy math.

Me: fuzzy butt maths were the only maths I could ever grasp

Sarah: They’re the only maths worth gr(ass)ping! How was your day on the butt scale?

Me: Really unproductive in the silliest and best ways possible. Like maybe a 9 in laughter and comic helmetry, and I was going to knock that number down with fuzzy butt math, BUTT, I’m going to let myself have a 9 day. A bear butt on a unicycle wearing a tutu.

Sarah: DAT ASS is amazing.

and then we started talking about squirrel paparazzi, as we do, and she made me cry with laughter AGAIN and again and again.