The Honey Pot
"We had our first table read yesterday. The first script is dynamite. Dan created the show and it’s his brain. Ken Jeong laughed for five minutes straight at one point, to the point where I was worried about him. The whole room was laughing ‘cause the material is so good. That said, barring major injury, I cant wait to start shooting on Monday. I’m just thrilled. I’m as excited about this season as I was about the first. I have that anticipation."
— Joel Mchale (x)

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"Perhaps that was the struggle Dan Harmon had with Community this season. Perhaps it happened every season. Whatever the case, his ability to reflect the anxiety of high-functioning adults is a triumph, and I hate to think what kind of show Community might become were he to leave next season. I mean, the writers are all extremely talented, and will probably be able to churn out the sorts of viscerally enjoyable episodes like “Digital Estate Planning.” But Harmon’s a legitimate crazy person, and he’s reaching out to all of us fellow crazy people, and I love him for trying."