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3. have you ever saved anyone’s life?

Firstly, I’ll say, I think most* of us save each other in little and sometimes big ways everyday; and so, I hope that most of us know that we should answer this question with a big YES. I told Erin that she saved my life a few days ago, and it was true, and it was about potatoes.

Secondly, here is another thing:

I used to be a long distance operator and one night I got a call from a young woman, she tried to place three calls, that’s all we were allowed to offer per customer interaction, and she was very upset and she couldn’t reach anyone and as she thanked me for my time, as she was hanging up, she said she was going to kill herself.- and I said:

wait, do you have another number you want to try?

but there was no answer. When I would ask if I could patch her into a suicide hotline she would get cagey and say that she was taking up too much of my time, so I just tried to get her to keep talking. I have no idea what we talked about. I think we were trying to reach her sister but, she was also near a store, and when it opened a friend or family member would be there for her. Our call average was supposed to be 32 seconds per customer and I probably stayed on the line with her for close to an hour. 

I was finally told I had to transfer the call to a supervisor and luckily it was a good supervisor that night. What I know is that the woman promised to call my supervisor back and let me know she was okay and all I know is that she did just that.

The company gave me a coffee mug with candy in it, a balloon tied to the handle, that was weird. I suppose they could have fired me, I would have been fine with that.

*I say most because there are a few bastard coated bastards out there that just want to watch the world burn.

19. what’s something you find funny that most people don’t think is funny?

I think spoons are funny. Torch guy. The seedy sock Vendor. One time I was at a business dinner and I was served baby corn and started laughing, because of Big. What I know is that I had NO BUSINESS at the dinner.

I think you and your sisters are brilliantly funny but, I have a lot of people that would back me up on that.

I think it’s great that you and Kevin asked this same question, so, SOON I will tell a story of horror that still makes me laugh AND IT IS AWFUL and I am awful.



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Muahaha, yes! I put a trock song on my album! Everybody lives is taken from the season one episode of Doctor Who, “The Doctor Dances” and the season four episode “Forest of the Dead.” You don’t need to understand Doctor Who to like this song, I promise!