The Honey Pot

radastheyscum-deactivated201308 said: so, i'm jenny and it's my birthday and i'm drunkish and i just wanted to let you know that i love your blog to death and i found it by googling "fancy goat gif"

oh wow. This is the first thing I read this morning. This was a really great message to wake up to, thank you!

(you guys, I think my tumblr is the seventh thing when googling “fancy goat gif" I have arrived!)

Hi Jenny! I’m Jennifer, I talk about goats and dragons and butts a good portion of the time I’m on tumblr…there is also Tom Hardy. I think I post a lot.

I tend to be slow to follow back, because I am over capacity in follow. I like to let the people settle in and decide if they want to stick around first. Your tumblr looks great (there are lots of cats, you guys. Some of it might be NSFW). I’m going to introduce you to the tumblroos now, I think they will be excited about you. Oh, I should warn you, you wandered into my harem.

I just want you to know, It’s going to be okay if you don’t feel the same way in the morning, it doesn’t take away from the intense experience you shared with my tumblr last night <3

Happy Birthday, Jenny! ( I hope it was and continues to be wonderful)

I don’t know, it’s not very fancy or gif-y but let me try to service your goat needs- this is basically goats is the tag I use for important goat posts.

(not my gif, just how I’m feeling this morning and this is before coffee.)