The Honey Pot

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omg. I screwed up and lost all my tabs. there’s no good way to dig through my history to restore them. I had so many reblogs and different points in the dash timeline. I’m sorry. I’ll never catch up now.

I’ve been posting less do I’ve tried to put extra typos in my posts. You’re welcome!

I’m on a quest for shirts & blouses

and I just found one called

All-Night Blogathon Top

I think I already have 10 of those.



ugh. I got it.

I have several tags that start with “Hi I’m Jennifer…” and I can never see the full tag, I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to use so I was just clicking on different suggestions but it was the same one over and over:

Hi I’m Jennifer. I’m a bummer at parties

it’s true. I am a bummer at parties.


I had a tiny panic attack because I thought my queue had released the wrong (and a bunch of) posts. I was all like, “THIS IS NOT MY DESIGN!” and then I realized I was in my drafts folder. whew.

oh. I updated my twitter yesterday, like, resetting my password so I can actually log in and I followed people I thought I was already following, you may have noticed, or maybe I didn’t find you, or maybe I already follow you. idk what this post is becoming. ANYWAY. I never really liked writing on twitter but I might start reading my feed again. Hi.

i think my activity looks like a crack in the universe.

ohman, I wish that had been my nickname in high school

but butt I’m living the dream NOW

Hi I’m, Web Browser Loafer (women’s)!