The Honey Pot


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life, love, and death - Claire Salcedo

Hey look! Now that finals are done, I actually had time to write something! I hope you like this—it was rather a short make—I started it Saturday afternoon and finished it last night.

The lyrics come from a dream I had once, in which I was going to pass away in the morning, and death came and sat by me, and told me to speak my regrets. When I woke up, fairly shaken, I wrote about it, and it eventually evolved into this. I’m not sure if I’m entirely happy with it, but for 2:41 am (the time of my writing this little blurb), it’s good enough! 

Sarah told me that this wasn’t showing up on her dash, so I’m reblogging it again for easy finding!

Yay for easy-finding! 

Hooray for The Claire’s musical genius!

UGH! it wasn’t showing up for me either, I thought I was, alone, lost in the dash again.