The Honey Pot

Ohboyz, that was a boring dream. I was making a cake with two guys. Trying to get to know the taciturn one.
That was pretty much it.

In, what I hope is, unrelated news: I’m sore. Either the slips on the ice caught up with me or I’m not winning the fight against the plague that everyone around me has.

Or I pulled something making a dream cake.

In my dream I am completely stressed

UncleDucey: I’ve got a great idea! I’ve got a $20 room at the casino. Let’s go!

this sounds like torture to me but the house is falling apart like, water damage from rain? but, I’ve checked and the roof looks to be in solid shape and pipes haven’t burst. I don’t know what is making the house fall apart and it is too dangerous to stay.

UncleDucey: I just want to show you how to gamble a bit, it’ll be great!

I know that the casino takes dogs because in conscious reality Ducey learned this about a year ago and since then, for some reason, it has been a goal of his to take Jazz on vacation to the casino. (The Whale and the Hound- my next children’s book)

I am standing in a beautiful suite of rooms. Ducey is on a couch getting comfortable.

me: This is one of the rooms that can have dogs?

UncleDucey: well, it is a thing they do here.

me: this room though? you asked about bringing a dog? Jazz can be in THIS ROOM?

UncleDucey: …

me: you have to call the front desk and ask. otherwise we can’t stay.

UncleDucey: yes, hello. I was wondering. Is this the room with the big beautiful breezes? Yes, I thought so. thank you.

hangs up phone

me: I noticed that you didn’t ask about dogs.

as I was waking up it was becoming very clear that Jazz and I needed another place to stay.

In my awake. I’m not really awake yet-

thehotneighbor saw me in a very special outfit. The outfit included my snow boots, neon orange sleep shorts (so hunters don’t accidentally shoot me), my hair was doing the Conan O’Brien big swoop thing, and since Jazz was dragging me through shrubbery I probably also had twigs, birds, and small mammals nested in there.


oh while I have a minute. I had a crazy dream.

there were people jumping off a very high cliff (up in the clouds) and landing safely in a neighboring country to claim asylum. I could see them falling to safety from the raft I was floating on. the friendly country collecting people from rooftops and water landings. We (I think I was with my dad, but not MY dad, possibly played by David Tennant. ) floated into a beachy inlet. where one of the many things I saw was Michelle Obama running into the water, in an evening gown, to greet Barack who was out for a swim. they laughed and went away. the dream wasn’t about them at all.

I think it was about my dad and I getting food and shelter. I wanted to buy bread with these coins I found but a fellow traveler told me I’d get arrested for using stolen coins. The bulk of the dream was me dealing with these found coins and trying to procure carbs, basically.

my dreams had way too much reality.

the house was failing all around us

I said true but incredibly harsh things to a family member

there was a very real threat of physical violence so I slammed a door into that person. as he crumpled to the ground I said, “I’m sorry I had to do that, are you okay?” and I woke up as we both started crying.

YAY! dreamz!

where the f*ck is Tom Hardy?

I had a dream that tumblr was a house that a lot of us lived in. It must have been a nearly infinite house, like a TARDIS or something, because it wasn’t crowded, and I was soon to learn there were factions.

Leer mas...

"Jenny, your skirt is on backwards."

-AuntPretty1 in my dream from Friday night

I woke up both angry and laughing.

I was sitting far away from anyone I knew, watching a concert, when the pack of sisterfriends lead by Pretty1 pounced on me. I looked down and my skirt was backwards but, it was short and my top was nearly as long and it was nighttime and I was sitting. It totally didn’t matter. I thought it was completely inappropriate for them to be trying to have a conversation with me, interrupting the enjoyment of the concert for everyone around me, to tell me my clothes were wrong. I just walked away from them. Maybe wearing my skirt backwards was MY CHOICE!

It was on backwards and it wasn’t a choice. The dream was a road trip of small town festivals and earlier I had quickly changed my clothes in the car, pulling my skirt on backwards. So embarrassed.

This dream also featured TWO baseball games where goats and humans were playing together. I was really disappointed that I didn’t have my camera for that. 

I dreamt that a giant cloaked space bug was devouring Earth’s atmosphere and then was going to swallow the planet whole. We, the people of Earth, didn’t know it was a giant invisible space bug, (until the big reveal) we just knew we were going to die. But I don’t think we did die. My brain usually fixes these things, and tries to keep it silly.

before the big bug reveal there was a scene where people were eating various delicious things in a restaurant,

and my brain said, ‘foreshadowing’ aloud. like my brain said ‘foreshadowing’ aloud and lit up a neon sign that also said, ‘foreshadowing’.  and I’m chuckling in my dream and thinking, that’s subtle, Brain, where the hell is Tom Hardy?

Anyway, Tom Hardy never showed and I’m pretty sure we weren’t swallowed by a giant invisible space bug.

I had a dream last night that I was stuck in a tiny severely overcrowded hotel. We were all snowed in or something. One of the many things going on was a search for my coffee cup. I had set it down somewhere in the hotel. I walked into the bathroom that I had just used, thinking that maybe I had left my cup on the counter, and Ewan McGregor was in there taking a bath.

me: Oh, sorry!

dreamEwanMcGregor: It’s okay.

me: Apparently I’m the type of person that just barges into bathrooms looking for coffee.

dreamEwanMcGregor: It’s okay, really!

two of my thoughts in my dream were:

  • Thanks, Ewan McGregor, for being cinematically and bathitorilly share-y of your body.


  • remember to tumbl this.


goodnight/ good morning, tumblroos, everywhere <3
I wish you much sleep and wakeventure.
Last night I dreamt of Ryan Gosling again. It was so boring. I was trying to plan a birthday party for little sister siblings that I don’t have in real life and I think he was just following me around being a supportive spouse or something.

goodnight/ good morning, tumblroos, everywhere <3

I wish you much sleep and wakeventure.

Last night I dreamt of Ryan Gosling again. It was so boring. I was trying to plan a birthday party for little sister siblings that I don’t have in real life and I think he was just following me around being a supportive spouse or something.

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(from the 2.22.2012 dream archive)

I rarely remember dreams and almost never do they have people that I recognize. We were married. We were filmmakers. We were in grave danger uncovering some mystery, of which I might know more about but-

We are listening to some man talk about the mystery and danger we are in/ trying to solve. My dream husband turns to me to tell an important piece of information about a film trilogy.

Kiss. Reassuring comforting handhold. wanting my thoughts. 

Brain: Holy Shit! That is Ryan Gosling! We almost never have guest stars in our dreams! This looks like it might be as good as the George Clooney Zombie dream! I can tell Ryan really loves us! Wake up so we can talk about this!!!

I wake up. 

me: goddamnit, Brain.