The Honey Pot

My cousin, who is far away, teaching English in South Korea, sent me an IM last night asking,

"What did Cowboy dress up as for Halloween?"

This made me laugh out loud and it made me want to fly to South Korea just to hug him. I promised to dress Cowboy up and post a picture.

Cowboy is a dog. Now, I’m not going to pretend that we have never put a costume on Cowboy the Dog Champion, and I’m not going to pretend that I don’t play photo-shoot (like constantly) with him, but putting clothes on a dog is a rare occurrence for me. Like three years ago there was a Robin costume…

Anyway, homesickness is the best reason I can think of to subject a dog to wearing clothes, plus Cowboy doesn’t really mind. He loves it anytime I point a camera at him, a treat is sure to follow.

So, hopefully it makes my cousin feel a little less homesick, you tumblroos get a little glimpse into my evening activities and Cowboy got a treat.

Cowboy Wins.

The Buccaneer

A much better sidekick- The Flying Robin

a more typical photo shoot