The Honey Pot


Who wants to design the art for the Doctor Who Tumblr Meetup at San Diego Comic Con?

Since we have yet to meet a single Whovian who isn’t talented…

Come up with your best design. Post it to your blog. Tag it ‘behold my whovian masterpiece’. On next Friday, June 29th we will pick one winner who’s art will appear on the invitation and giveaways for the meetup!

  • While there are no guidelines, remember that this blog is about Doctor Who as experienced through you, the fandom. It’s a celebration of the community. That might be a nice theme to work around.
  • If you use text, make sure that it includes the words ‘Doctor Who Tumblr’ ‘BBC America’ and ‘Tumblr’.
  • Definitely make sure that you have a version of your art that’s big enough that it will look good on something like a tote bag (10”x10” should do.)

And just to be clear, we’re not being lazy. We were going to try to make this ourselves, but then we tried to draw Rory Williams and it came out looking like this:

And our friends looked at us like this:

And that’s when we realized that you’re the creative ones!

We’ve been reblogging your fanart and gifs and everything so… YOU SHOULD TOTALLY COME UP WITH THE ART FOR THE DOCTOR WHO TUMBLR MEETUP INVITES AND TOTE BAGS!!!

So do this.

Deadline will be next Friday June 29th!


This is just to gauge interest. The party would be for you, Tumblr Whovians, so we’d only throw it if you think you could make it.

While there are no plans as of yet, we’d probably hold it outside of the convention center (so that everybody could come regardless of ticket) and it would probably be all ages.

We’d all get a chance to meet one another. And we’d definitely create something together that would go up on all of our tumblrs. And there’d be punch and pie*.

* ‘punch and pie’ not guaranteed to be actual punch or pie.