The Honey Pot
  • not my gnome but gnomes should be noted.
  • I stole those cuties. (this is my semi-annual reminder: eat citrus,tumblroos, don’t get scurvy. also, I think you tumblroos are cuties.)
  • I recycled a bottle. Today it was just a bottle and not a connection to a memory.

(this convo is from many days ago)

PrincessCousin: how have you been?

me: pretty good, thanks. I was going to show up at your house and make you watch Ceremony with me, so we could recreate Cowboy’s goodbye party. but I was having a good day and I knew you were busy.

PrincessCousin: …when is it?

me: over a year ago. A year and a few days, I put Cowboy to sleep.

PrincessCousin: I’m sorry I don’t remember things.

me: (I started laughing because forgetting things, particularly memories that we have shared, is a thing with her) it’s ok. I’m not much for anniversaries. This one was just big for ME. I forget things too…occasionally but, I take pictures. I make notes. 

A few days ago I was going to make a short text post that just said

"I didn’t take any pictures today. Days like this worry me; they feel like days where I forgot how to be myself."

and it didn’t really mean anything, I just take a lot of pictures and I always have. The rare day that I don’t take pictures, sometimes it is because it feels like there is nothing and some days, like there is too much. Forgetting to see and remember bothers me. Good or bad there are always things that need to be seen and remembered.