The Honey Pot

supernovasidr replied to your photo: My Sunday involved a lot of circles of refreshment…

i have a crush on this whole thing. and the ice too i guess. …is that ice? did you just eat ice? are we twins?

songbirdstew replied to your photoset: My Sunday involved a lot of circles of refreshment…

It took me a few minutes to realize that was probably ice in the first picture and some gelatinous alien food goo. I was a bit worried. Well, possibly excited to have an alien friend, but I’d be worried about dinner parties.

Yeah, it’s ice. I require much ice in my water and much ice water, even when it is cold out. I don’t usually eat it. I’m not against gelatinous alien food goo, in theory but, any dinner party you could always fill up on bread and/or potatoes

that’s ~ a jennhoney guarantee~.

songbirdstew replied to your post: me: my blogs that I follow is down by three, I…

Haha, she’s just trying so hard to make it okay for you. Bless.

glitterbubbles answered your question: me: my blogs that I follow is down by three, I…

hahahaha my poor brain. you were being so clear, I just couldn’t make my brain understand. xoxoxoxo

oh man, no, the thing about that conversation, before I started, I knew I would have to chose my words very carefully, that’s why I kept trying. and trying. I think anyone would have assumed I was talking about followers. I really enjoyed that convo A LOT. sorry I kept FORCING IT hahaha.

me: my blogs that I follow is down by three, I made sure it wasn’t you that was unfollowed, hahaha

Jules: NOT ME ~ forever follow~

me: I can’t figure out who it might be, I haven’t unfollowed anyone in a long time. I thought it might be cousins, or someone else that never posts, just deleting their blogs but it seems like most everyone is there…

Jules: I hope it was just spam blogs, but if not, THEIR LOSS!

me: The blogs that I follow is lower, so it’s MY LOSS.

Jules: omg, I thought you were talking about who followed YOU…hopefully they were just spam blogs being deleted?

me: I don’t worry about my follower numbers, time has told me the important people stay and that we notice when tumblr tries to tear us apart. I don’t follow spam blogs, Jules. WHO DO YOU THINK I AM? hahaha

I’m posting this for two reasons

I think saying “He/She follows spam blogs is an hilarious and cutting tumblr insult.”

I think the blogs I lost were just never used secondary blogs, but also, tumblr might be trying to tear us apart ?