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LOVE IS: The quest for, above all else, a soul-mate. INFJs are interested only in the perfect relationship.

FALLS IN LOVE: Slowly. With their head first and then with all their heart. INFJs have a depth of caring not usually found in others.

FALLS OUT OF LOVE: Can leave a relationship once they’re sure it’s over. A partner who violates the INFJ’s values will be cut off forever.

INTIMACY: A near-spiritual experience of bonding heart and soul. It’s important for INFJs to know that their mates are happy.

COMMITMENT: Seeks a lifelong, committed relationship. INFJs approach their intimate relationships quite seriously.

MOST SATISFIED WITH: A partner who respects their deeply held values and and who appreciates their creativity and inspiration.

My phone changed Sisko to soaking.

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I, uh, I mean,…it’s just.

I can’t.

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Idris Elba talking about his initial reaction to being asked to play the role of Nelson Mandela.

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