The Honey Pot

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I don’t know what a BangMaid is. Just proving yet again that everything you do say sounds like a euphemism. Grunt.


oh, the phrase has all the information you need to ascertain what a bangmaid is, I should probably state that no one (that I know of) actually partook of a bangmaid. We just can’t stop talking about them, and by “we” I mean me. I will stop soon. I am sorry. It’s just how my brain works through things that I am mildly horrified by, a sort of therapeutic bangmaid Tourette’s. Thank you for the gifsplosion of boys (and blanket and apple).

Boying: it’s what we do.

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I just got off the phone with my AuntAbides and I’m pretty sure she told me to get a BangMaid, either that or she was asking me to look for one for her but, she lives far away, that wouldn’t be very economical. I don’t really want a BangMaid, vacuuming is my cardio. ANYWAY, I know I had a couple posts that were vague and sadish, it’s not that I’m sad, exactly, it’s that making eggs was the only comfort I had to offer And that was frustrating. I like to solve the problems, there just doesn’t seem to be a solution beyond eggs. Eggs can be pretty comforting, though, so, there is that. This day is as fine as it can be. Eeebs and I are grunting at each other via text. I only had to be a bit of a hardass today. Soon I will have a dreaded thing done and the weekend will be mine! Maybe I’ll vacuum all weekend. Hahaha, no, I’m totally going to reblog you all weekend and hopefully find a quiet spot to draw. Thanks for your hearts and replies. <3 Please allow me to introduce my phone- Cat Karl Pigwidgeon Fancy McRingDingle the Luckphone of the SpaceDragons.

Me: I’m just a simple girl, I like my bangmaid stories and ultra-violent prison films.
CousinManlius: Hey, now you know what to put on your matchdotcom profile.

and then my brain broke when I thought about what sort of traffic that profile would get.

Me: Hey, are you nearby?

CousinManlius: (~Rushing in~) hmmm?

Me: Hahaha, I was just asking if you were nearby, If you could hear me. You came with a bangmaid quickness…

oh god, I’m never getting over the words I just said.

CousinManlius: Oh, another thing about China…

Me: Wait, I feel like all the stories are about Bangmaids and cigarettes-

CousinManlius: This one has neither.

Me: okay.

CousinManlius: Oh, when we were in China we were getting so many fliers under our hotel room door, for BangMaids, and one of them looked quite a bit older than the others…so, we collected all of them and made a card game.

You know, like old maid.

Me: I feel sick.

PrincessCousin: *stare*