The Honey Pot

tricialew replied to your post “katiepenny replied to your post “I just signed for a registered letter…”

If this is true, the UPS guy and I are going steady. And the amount of time I spend with the Fedex woman might constitute cheating on the UPS guy.

jeeze. I’m happy for you and all but I don’t know why you have to go bragging about all your successful relationships. Plus, if you are open and honest and everyone is in agreement, it’s not cheating.


palmtreepalmtree replied to your post “do you want eggs? do you want a grilled cheese? do you want fried…”

Yes, yes, and yes. Or, “Why I Have High Cholesterol.”

I think if I was around other people I’d offer a wider variety of things. I really want a salad but I’m gross from the attic and I need to go back up there before I take a shower so I didn’t feel like prepping vegetables. if that makes any sense at all. plus I was thinking about how I always offer food when I’m making it ~and how no one ever grills ME a cheese~ pfft. but mostly I like to grill my own cheeses so that might have a lot to do with it. 

PTPT, do you want a mixed greens salad with roasted potatoes later?

[edit: I also like to have full control of my eggs but, I think I have to become a corporation for those rights? Am I understanding that correctly?]

katiepenny replied to your post “I just signed for a registered letter for my dead uncle. the postal…”

IDK for sure but I think that counts as a date?

it’s the most action I’ve had in a long time, that’s for sure.


womaninterrupted replied to your photoset “I think I must have over 30 mugs. That seems like too many. Some of…”

Those are so nice. Ugh. I’m the worst. I want you to keep everything. Want to send a random box here for storage? Want to move in?

I really like my stuff a lot. You being supportive of my stuff is one of the many reasons I appreciate you, thanks Cat! also, I’m keeping almost everything in that pic. probably. I’m also keeping the Yellowstone plates. for now.

tricialew replied to your photoset “I think I must have over 30 mugs. That seems like too many. Some of…”

Ugh. Please come visit in the fall and we’ll go to Bay St. Louis for more mugs and art.

I love you & Bay St. Louis. I might be able to visit. this might actually happen. I”m just having a hell of a time figuring out what order I need (and am able) to do things in to move on with my life.


runeybadger replied to your post “In related news The new postal carrier is cute Jazz nipped him”

oh noes!

everything is fine. He basically stuck his hand in her barking mouth while asking me to sign for a dead relative’s mail.


razadeluna replied to your post “In related news The new postal carrier is cute Jazz nipped him”


I raised her right. so proud.

womaninterrupted replied to your photo “Hey let’s go to the sauna! I mean attic. I mean sauna attic. How…”

Pink bowling bag!

yes. that cute shit is full of cute shit. also, well spotted.

Are there other plates from other places? I just really want to know because I have 5 shot glasses from Tennessee only and I don’t remember buying any ever.

hahaha. I totally bought or was given all those plates. I have a few from other places. I have a lot of old touristy U.S. travel stuff but, Yellowstone is extra special, I went on family vacations there and worked there a couple summers.

sirpuddleduck said: Hello. I'm late to the asking game, so if these are already answered, I apologize. Feel free to just pick a different question. Or make up another answer. Whatever. Anyway, how about 36 and 57? Happy Thorsday!

from ~get to know me uncomfortably well~

36. Favorite clean word?

pristine. just kidding.

I have many favorites, I like thrive. I’m trying to thrive.

57. How long does it take for you to get ready?

it depends on what I’m getting ready for. OHMAN. I’m 38 and I don’t think I’m ready yet. or 10 minutes.

thank you!

saberomega said: Your turn! 23, 35, and 38

from ~get to know me uncomfortably well~

23. Have you ever met any celebrities?

I…guess so? I don’t have any good stories. So, here is this thing- One time in high school I went to a Trek convention and John de Lancie was the speaker. I don’t remember if I even talked to him? what I mostly remember was this sort of rage rolling off of him during his entire talk. It was almost comical. except that I felt bad. I just wanted it to be over so he could go home. or drink or something.

35. Have you ever tried archery?

in school once. I was very nervous. I didn’t injure anyone but I also have no memory of hitting the target.

38. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without sleep?

twoish days

thanks for the questions! How am I supposed to make anyone uncomfortable with these questions? maybe I’m too tired. I should have gone for second hand embarrassment.