The Honey Pot

songbirdstew replied to your post “a memoir #*BUTTS. you guys know #also I can handle that mustache….”

this is so great. I just got really excited about mine.

I get really excited about yours as well

and your tags too

gingeredphoenix replied to your post “I’m really nervous about watching this episode of GofT”

Me too. <3

yeah. I don’t know what to tell you, Jess. It’s over in the first 15 minutes. I think? idk. I reread the book version. and I’m more upset now.

womaninterrupted replied to your photoset “I had AuntMurble drop me off at AuntPretty1’s house so Jazz and I…”

Nice sausage

~~~ thank you ~~~

When we were driving home (I wasn’t driving) I tried to take a picture of my Easter basket packed with leftover sausages but Jazz noticed that my lap was full of meat and blocked the pictures. I didn’t realize until after I had put away the leftovers that I didn’t have a viable picture.

now that there is no picture we can all imagine whatevery we want.

Jazz says “you’re welcome”

womaninterrupted replied to your post: We should get pizza.

I have pizza. Let’s get beer.

I have beer!

now we just need teleportation

closeskies asked: No, I didn't know you had intense like feelings for Brie Larson! I never did until I saw that movie... I didn't know much about her. She was absolutely amazing!

YES. i do. I really do. I loved her character on United States of Tara and that’s probably where I first noticed her. and then I would see her in other stuff and be like, ‘oh, she’s so great!’ finally I caught part of the first Community episode she guested on and I was like, “if I like her so much, I should really learn her name.” So, yeah. Short Term 12 was wonderful and Brie Larson was absolutely amazing in it. and I want to thank you Jessica, you always have great posts with informative tags, I always know I’m going to enjoy watching the stuff that you are blogging about ~ no pressure~ <3

malachitegrey answered to your photo “can you name this cinematic grunt?”

Is this a game on your app?

this is a game. this is the app.

Welcome to Gruntled!

There was so much grunting in that movie. I’ll almost always be alone because I’ll drive everyone away with my pausing, rewinding, and screen grabbing.

"IT’S FOR MY ART." I’ll grunt, as they run out the door.

womaninterrupted replied to your post “we have to go on vacation together or I have to come over and sit on…”

Come. Sit. Please.

I worry that the low constant moaning sound that I make might alarm and disturb your family. The sound is a cross between Tina Belcher’s groan and a conch shell being blown. Some find it endearing.

hahaha. my phone told me there were replies but nothing was showing up. thanks guys. Waffle Happiness to you all!

runeybadger replied to your post with a photo: waffles, I think

bobbycaputo replied to your post with a photo: waffles, I think

endreal asked: Hiya! I'm still only a recent follower, but based on the past couple days of blogging, I'd suggest going for sort of a coat-of-arms motif - maybe a Unicorn rampant Argent upon a field of Waffle Or, crest of dragon dormant Gules, with the motto "Uti Vis" ("Use the Force", although I guess if you were going for tradition, it'd be "Vti Vis"???) beneath. ((Thank you for humoring me - I had an itch to look up some heraldry stuff!))

HELLO and WELCOME, Endreal!

this is very similar to my chest piece:


thank you for humoring me!

sirpuddleduck asked: Okay so this is total impulse answering: I envision your tattoo as a whole scene of wonderment. There's a waffle, and the pat of butter on said waffle appears to be a vision of Tom Hardy's face, but the waffle is sort of like a high-dive, and on the edge is a mustachioed unicorn (or goat?), preparing to dive down a rainbow into a pot of [Yukon] gold [potatoes].

YES. I wasn’t able to draw this but luckily the tattoo artist was. this tattoo is somewhere in my leggings region.