The Honey Pot

womaninterrupted replied to your post “we have to go on vacation together or I have to come over and sit on…”

Come. Sit. Please.

I worry that the low constant moaning sound that I make might alarm and disturb your family. The sound is a cross between Tina Belcher’s groan and a conch shell being blown. Some find it endearing.

hahaha. my phone told me there were replies but nothing was showing up. thanks guys. Waffle Happiness to you all!

runeybadger replied to your post with a photo: waffles, I think

bobbycaputo replied to your post with a photo: waffles, I think

endreal asked: Hiya! I'm still only a recent follower, but based on the past couple days of blogging, I'd suggest going for sort of a coat-of-arms motif - maybe a Unicorn rampant Argent upon a field of Waffle Or, crest of dragon dormant Gules, with the motto "Uti Vis" ("Use the Force", although I guess if you were going for tradition, it'd be "Vti Vis"???) beneath. ((Thank you for humoring me - I had an itch to look up some heraldry stuff!))

HELLO and WELCOME, Endreal!

this is very similar to my chest piece:


thank you for humoring me!

sirpuddleduck asked: Okay so this is total impulse answering: I envision your tattoo as a whole scene of wonderment. There's a waffle, and the pat of butter on said waffle appears to be a vision of Tom Hardy's face, but the waffle is sort of like a high-dive, and on the edge is a mustachioed unicorn (or goat?), preparing to dive down a rainbow into a pot of [Yukon] gold [potatoes].

YES. I wasn’t able to draw this but luckily the tattoo artist was. this tattoo is somewhere in my leggings region.

sidramatic asked: this feels wrong. a potato unicorn with a mustache and a butt and obviously tom hardy

is that a typo? did you mean ‘feels SO RIGHT’?

I have that on my shoulder blade


carlosison asked: A fairy. I was gonna say dragon or goat, but dragon doesn't seem like it would "fit," and a goat may be perceived as satanic or something... Maybe a cupcake!!

goat and dragon are far more accurate than fairy and cupcake. hahaha

Thanks, Carlos!

here’s Bane hugging a goat. It’s on my lower back (it’s not)


palmtreepalmtree replied to your photo “and then”

That looks glorious. What flavor?

chubby hubby

that and coffee ice cream are my favorites

come over. I will share booze and ice cream and show you some good places to hide <3

notjanebond asked: Unicorn Monday! I'm so excited! I had completely forgotten about it. I look forward to see all of the unicorny goodnes.

YAY! I’m so glad you are here and excited!

the Unicorns will soon be here

UNICORN MONDAY is coming- April 14, 2014-

It’s ALWAYS the day after Palm Sunday, just because.


womaninterrupted replied to your post: Pictures cannot capture how rain soake…

I love these shots of you and Jazz in the car.

you are my greatest supporter of my sitting in car with dog photography!

womaninterrupted replied to your post: I smell like a wet dog.

Gruntled! I mean, uh this is really doing it for me.