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Since Steven Moffat took over as Doctor Who showrunner in 2009, he has never hired a single female writer. Only once has he brought on a female director, back in season five. Needless to say, this track record only adds fuel to the ever-growing number of fans who say Moffat is taking Doctor Who in a more conservative and sexist direction.

Historically, Doctor Who has been a socially progressive show. That’s surely why so many viewers have singled out Steven Moffat for hiring such a vast number of white, male writers while female characters kept turning into flirty sidekicks and the number of non-white characters plummeted. The most popular explanation is that the vast majority of British science fiction TV writers are white men, and only the cream of that crop can be hired to work for the BBC’s flagship show.

This explanation doesn’t hold up when you consider the number of unavoidably bad episodes that were written by the show’s existing (male) writers. And besides, other successful British sci-fi/fantasy shows like Being Human, Torchwood and Merlin have all hired women to write multiple episodes in the past, and that never seemed to do them any harm.


"For a show whose success was built on a rebellious attitude towards the sci-fi establishment, why go back to hiring exclusively from the Boys’ Club?"

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*Sisko drops the mic and walks off the stage*

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Oh, good. You’ll be there.

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Awesome Family Halloween Costumes

I want a family and I want costumes, right NOW.


The helms deep clan would kill it with the Despicable Me. 

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 I am sorry about RoryYou know I care more about her than I do myself.

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