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jennhoney replied to your post: First Week of January…

you both win, I insist, ~jennhoney mandate~ that Palin quote was just such a gift to find after getting home from the caucus. feel better! there was butt talk at the caucus. <3

Yay for bitey liberal butt talk! No conservative turtleneck blog for us!

 jennhoney replied to your photo: HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s 2012! I don’t know the last…

~I wanna watch all the extended versions with you~ and I want this year to be a fantastic adventure for you and Vasant and Lilo

It will be a fantastic adventure for us. I want this year to be an even more fantastic adventure for you though. I want you to find your valley to camp in. I want you to have adventures and rambles and sojourns. 

jennhoney replied to your photoI haven’t lost any followers today. I’m astonished…

this post is magical and those tags, Dagget!

I am your tag jester! That is my purpose!

jennhoney replied to your photo: And with that… LordoftheRingathon is over. It has…

goodnight, Dagget. I really enjoyed LordoftheRingathon! Maybe next year you can educate me on the the finer points of The Rings, rest well <3

I will. I may have to figure out how to make it interesting with Tom Hardy and butts. 

“So, Jennifer…. once upon a time Tom Hardy created Middle Earth. But then Sarah Palin rose up and said she didn’t get it, and so she created a powerful Ring in order to make it boring and pleasing to conservatives. But Tom Hardy, countering his enemy’s plan, created butts, so that one day they would be able to destroy the ring, and make Middle Earth an interesting place once more…”

Would that work?

Butts = hobbits, if that’s not clear…

I love you so much. I love our bitey liberal selves and also our conservative, turtleneck obsessed alter-egos. 

#jennhoney #butts= hobbits #hobbit butts #Tom Hardy creates Middle Earth: a myth even Jennifer can get behind #Jennifer who is not a conservative with a turtleneck obsession #neither am i #We talk about Hardy butt way too much to be conservative #the bigger the butt the bigger the government #that’s the platform #I like big government and I cannot lie #though tea partiers will deny #that when the rich aren’t taxed fairly the middle class will perish and that will ultimately create a collapsed economy. #Socialist countries have a better record for creating a stable free market than our country currently does. #Socialism is not communism and creates a level playing field for citizens to create market and sell products #….you get sprung. #These lyrics don’t HAVE to rhyme… #They kind of got away from me there. #This has been a block of bitey liberal tags. #dagget logan: tag jester


I don’t have anything to add.

Sarah is the brains.

I just wear the sparkly outfits.

Also, I’ve had about a solid two hours sleep. I don’t know how to tag right now.

I hurt myself laughing and marveling and thinking about  butts.

Thanks , Dagget <3


For Jennifer. For reasons.

#jennhoney #tom hardy #the stars align and the internet gives me hardy whenever I’m texting with Jennifer #Jennifer who is not a conservative with a turtleneck obsession #neither am i #we like butts and bagels and coffee #oh my! #and that means we are liberal #i’ve worked hard on the randomness of these tags #for i am #dagget logan: tag jester #and i live to serve

I love you, Dagget Logan!

and I would still love you if you never posted Hardy, if you ran a conservative elbow and turtleneck blog, if you never tagged again. It just would have taken longer to recognize our kindred spirtness, if one of us was running a conservative elbow turtleneck blog <3